Fritz Slick-Pak


Box: 60ea. 8oz Packs


Part №: 97136


The Fritz Slick-Pak is a high quality concrete pump primer that will lubricate your pipes and help reduce water loss during your pump. This high-viscosity formula was created to maximize lubrication, evenly coating your pipes to allow concrete to flow more smoothly. Packaged in water soluble bags, just mix with water and it’s ready to use. These packs can be mixed right in the hopper, eliminating the need to carry around an extra bucket. Fritz Slick-Pak are also great at reducing wear and tear. By properly and fully lubricating your concrete pump, your mixture will flow smoother and more evenly, with less abrasive force on your pipes. For a fuller, more even coverage, use our 5″ Sponge Ball before adding the primer. The sponge ball will help prevent primer from only wetting the bottom of the pipes.

The Fritz Slick-Pak are sold in boxes containing 60 8oz. water soluble bags.