Fits With:

Return Filter


Fits 20m to 28m
Fits JMP-60 and JMP-90

Requires 1


Part №: MS29303C0

Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
4 And more. $307.50


“The Alliance Return Filter is a high quality hydraulic filter that fits Concrete Pumps from boom lengths of 32 meters to 65 meters. This filter also fits JM-2100HP and JFS-12H.
We recommend changing the filter after 500 hours or one year of pumping, whichever comes first.

For Concrete Pumps that are 20 meters to 28 meters, as well as JMP-60 and JMP-90, the return filter can be found here.

You can find the Alliance Suction Filter here. This Suction Filter fits all Alliance Concrete Pumps.

The Alliance Boom Filter for 20 meter to 38 meter 4 Section Concrete Pumps can be found here.

The Alliance Boom Filter for 38 meter 5 Section to 65 meter Concrete Pumps can be found here.”