PrimeALL Pump Primer


Pail: 60 ea. 8oz Bags/Box
Pallet: 36 ea. Buckets




Bulk Pricing 4 - 35 $153.00
Bulk Pricing 36 + $135.00
Our PrimeAll Pump Primer is exactly what you need to get your pumps ready for concrete. Our Pump Primer will evenly coat your pipes, allowing concrete to flow easier and greatly reducing water loss. PrimeAll Pump Primer keeps your pipe in better shape for longer, as there is less abrasive force from the concrete due to the slick coating provided.

Our PrimeAll Pump Primer is sold by the pail, with each pail containing 60 8oz. bags.
We also sell our Primer by the pallet, with each pallet containing 36 pails.